Pan-Pacifica Preview #2 – GeneMods

This week we take a look at the newest abilities to appear in Pan-Pacifica, only appearing after the Possibility Wars began: GeneMods. As usual, please remember that previewed material may differ in the final products. The crowdfunding will be taking place on Kickstarter, and will be in April, with the exact date being announced soon.


Art by Henry Tantiado and Mitch Mueller

Genetic Modfications

Although basic genetic modification has been available on Marketplace for well over a century, it only involved changes to the human genome, as opposed to integrating genetic code from other organisms. However, half way through the first year of the Possibility Wars the first of the “second generation” of GeneMods hit the market, resulting in abilities that expanded beyond human capability, as well as significantly altering someone’s appearance.

However, Second Generation GeneMod technology is intentionally flawed. Such mods’ cells cannot  completely self-replicate via standard biological processes. Instead regular booster doses of GeneMod infusion are required to maintain the integrity and function of the modifications.

This “flaw” is lucrative for Panama Genetec (the patent holder) since Second Generation GeneMods are only available via a subscription service. Naturally, it’s the user’s responsibility to ensure they’re available for their boosters on time. Failure to do so breaches the EULA (end user license agreement) voiding any legal responsibility for the GeneMod provider in the case of future complications…and there will be complications.

Art by Peter Johnston

Pirated Genes

Fortunately, lone wolve geneticists were able to reverse engineer the 2nd generation GeneMods, and these are made available to Delphi Council agents. These pirated GeneMods also allow agents to avoid being identified by genetic scanners located throughout Pan-Pacifica.


Perks allow Storm Knights to select GeneMods in much the same was as cyberware and Occultech is purchased in the Cyberpapacy and Tharkold. Only humans from Pan-Pacifica can take the ‘regular’ Perk, but members of other races and other realties can purchase the Third Generation GeneMod Perk to get a limited amount. Those who have their genes modified through GeneMods are known as ‘chimeras’.

GeneMods are Tech 25, but are also supported by the Law of Acquisition, which makes them a one-case contradiction for Pan-Pacifica natives in other realities.  Here are some examples from the GeneMods chapter:

Coming Soon!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting different parts of upcoming products for Pan-Pacifica including new Perks, psionic powers, martial arts abilities, power suits, miracles, and Threats. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!