Pan-Pacifica Preview #10 – Psionics

Pan-Pacifica Preview #10 – Psionics

The Pan-Pacifica Kickstarter is in progress! This time we take a look at the rise of psionic powers in Pan-Pacifica and Marketplace, in the form of psychic mutants and disciplined psychics.

The development of psionics is a relatively recent occurrence on Marketplace, and almost without exception, the ruling elite believe psionics are an existential threat to their control over the population.

Reports of psychic powers instigate a rapid response, with security forces capturing the psis either for “research purposes” or to turn them into psychic hunters. Deadly force is authorized if necessary.

Flashy practitioners don’t stay free for long.


Disciplined Psychics

Psionics first appeared in Marketplace after the invasion of Chungpo. These early psis developed their powers through meditation, focus, and understanding of the connections between one’s mind, body, and the world around them.

Most disciplined psychics have learned to hone their skills on their own, but most have learned secretly through formalized training.

Disciplined psychics may not have the raw power potential of psychic mutants, but they have a wider range of powers and often have connections with other psychics. Knowing other like-minded people is important when you may disappear into a Kanawa Trooper van because of your way of life.


Psychic Mutants

With the invasion of Core Earth, the number of psis dramatically rose in the form of psychic mutants. Most psychic mutants are sapient creatures, but some animals and creatures found within Pan-Pacifica are starting to exhibit psionic abilities as well.

Exactly how psychic mutants manifested their powers is unknown, but the current hypothesis is that through exposure to radiation, chemicals, or just natural random variation, the genetic structure of the mutant’s cells changes. There are even those who also blame the Contagion for the changes, which is not entirely impossible.

But while there is no doubt psychic mutant DNA is different, exactly how it is different is a vexing problem for Kanawa scientists. There is no rhyme or reason to any of the genetic changes, and many of the modified genes don’t seem to have any consistent function.

The powers psychic mutants’ command is typically less refined than other disciplines, but they do not lack for power. Mutants tend to develop more violent and dramatic powers than disciplined psychics.


Psychic Powers

Psychic Mutants gain a second Perk like many others in Torg Eternity allowing three additional psionic powers to be chosen. The Psychic Mutant list is expanded.

Disciplined Psychics cannot take Psionic (though their Perk counts as Psionic for prerequisites). Instead of gaining a second Perk which grants additional powers, disciplined psychics take the Path of Unification Martial Arts Perk.


Here’s the new list of Psychic Mutant powers:




And here are a couple of sample powers:



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In the coming days, we’ll highlight upcoming products for Pan-Pacifica including new Perks, miracles, Threats, as well as the new adventure, Operation Soft Sell. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!