Orrorsh Preview #8 reward levels and add-ons

Orrorsh Preview #8 reward levels and add-ons

Join us Tuesday, January 26th as we delve into the horror cosm of Orrorsh on GameOnTabletop!

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Orrorsh a la Carte For $ 40

This reward level starts with a physical and PDF copy of the Orrorsh Sourcebook, and then you can select individual add-ons to your heart’s content.

Orrorsh Digital For $ 80

This reward level gets you every digital product, including any PDF stretch goals we unlock. This is a total retail value of $115 worth of PDFs, not including any digital-only content.

Orrorsh Casket For $ 225

This is everything, and we mean everything. Includes the following in both physical and digital formats:

  • Orrorsh Sourcebook
  • Orrorsh GM Screen & Archetypes
  • A Trifling Matter Adventure
  • Delphi Missions: Orrorsh
  • Orrorsh Booster Deck
  • Orrorsh Possibilities
  • A Trifling Matter Soundtrack CD
  • Orrorsh Map Pack 1
  • Orrorsh Map Pack 2
  • Minions of Orrorsh Tokens
  • Heroes Against the Darkness Tokens
  • Orrorsh Dice Tray

Total retail value is $255 before stretch goals.

Orrorsh Casket Deluxe For $ 250

Same as the Casket, but this one replaces the regular hardcover copy of the Sourcebook with a deluxe leatherette edition. Total retail value is $280 before stretch goals.


Raffle Entry For $ 0

Add this to your pledge if you would like to be included in the raffle draw for the live-streamed game with Greg Gorden at the end of the campaign. Please note that this game will be broadcast live on Twitch. You will need access to Roll20 and Discord in order to participate.

Torg Eternity – Orrorsh Sourcebook Limited For $ 120

The Orrorsh Sourcebook in a hand-bound real leather, gold-embossed cover.

Create an Archetype For $ 250

Are you a treasure hunter? An academic? A living horror? Perhaps all of the above?

With this add-on, you gain a unique opportunity to add to the lore of Torg Eternity by creating a custom Orrorsh archetype with the designers, including stats, description, progression options, and art. They will then be released as a digital product once all the archetypes are complete.

Only 16 available!

Also, this is the second to last round of custom archetypes. We’ll only be doing one more set after this!