Orrorsh Preview #3 – Perks (Part 2)

 It’s time for another preview of the next crowdfunding for Torg Eternity, Orrorsh!  As usual, please remember that much of what will be previewed is still in development and the final result may differ. But first…

Art by Don Tantiado and Basith Ibrahim

Orrorsh Crowdfunding

REMINDER: Orrorsh crowdfunding launches January 26 on GameOn!

New Perks

As with the other cosm sourcebooks, the Orrorsh Sourcebook will include many new Perks. Some of these Perks come in new categories including several new Corruption Perks, Cursed Perks, which were featured last week. This week we look at some more new Perks, including some for alchemists and Bulletsmiths.

Leadership Perks

With the sheer number of Horrors and other creatures in Orrorsh that Storm Knights will encounter, there will be plenty of Fear tests being made. Fortunately, there’s help:

Occult Perks

Additional Occult Perks are provided, including upgrades for Demoniacal Frenzy and Diabolist (they get a familiar!). Bulletsmiths get new Bulletsmith Shells and alchemists get the ability to mix potions in an Unstable Mixture, but also new Potions for the Alchemy Perk:

Bulletsmiths in particular will likely be excited about the Customized Slayer’s Gun Perk:

Coming Soon!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting different parts of the upcoming products for Orrorsh including more Perks, spells, miracles, and Threats. Additionally, we have other plans leading up to the launch of the crowdfunding. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!