Orkenspalter TV Let’s Play (in English)

Before we get to the video, we wanted to share this lovely note from Jeff Alvarez, one of our partners at Paizo:

Like most gamers, I have known about The Dark Eye for decades but growing up in the USA I’d had minimal exposure to the brand. It wasn’t until I visited The RPC in 2012 that I finally understood what it meant to the German gaming community. It was their Dungeons & Dragons. Their Warhammer 40K. It was the game that was passed down from father to son, uncle to nephew, and was a part of their everyday lives. They’ve lived and breathed this game, for 30 years, building the world and expanding the rules. It’s their legacy and they’re sharing it with us! What a terrific time to be a gamer.

-Jeff Alvarez

Thanks Jeff!

Now, in case you didn’t catch this in yesterday’s Kickstarter update, here’s Part 1 of Orkespalter TV’s Let’s Play series. Keep watching their channel for upcoming episodes!

We would also like to remind you that Kevin MacGregor will be doing a Q&A tomorrow (May 18th) on the #RPGNet chat channel. That will be from 7 to 9pm Central time (UTC -5). And if you’re reading this post after the 18th, just check out the archived transcript at https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/