Nile Empire Kickstarter Preview

Are you prepared to face the challenges of the Nile Empire?

Storm Knights! It’s time to tell you what to expect when the Nile Empire Kickstarter launches next Wednesday, November 28th!

What’s Included

Of course we’ll provide more as we go, but the most important pieces of your toolkit are the following:

Nile Empire Sourcebook

Your most important resource for fighting the forces of Pharaoh Mobius! 144 pages of vital information, available in the standard hardcover, or upgrade any pledge to the blue leatherette Deluxe Edition or indigo leather Limited Edition!

The Fires of Ra

When your team is ready, this book of adventure will take you on a journey throughout the region to stop Mobius’ nefarious plot! Can you find a weakness to his ultimate war-machine before it’s campaign of terror destroys all resistance in the region?

Nile Empire GM Screen and Archetypes

The best way for GMs and players alike to jump right into the most action-packed cosm! 16 new archetypes and a GM screen specifically designed to have all the most important information right at your fingertips!

Reward Levels

Make a plan of action now!

Nile Empire Digital Only – $40

Includes digital versions of all three products listed above, plus anything digital that we unlock through stretch goals!

Nile Empire Player – $50

For only ten dollars more (plus shipping), upgrade your book to physical! Includes digital versions of everything else, including stretch goals.

Nile Empire GM – $100

Upgrade all three products to physical! Includes digital versions as well, and stretch goals are still digital at this level.

Nile Empire Sarcophagus – $180

This isn’t just an upgrade, it’s so much more! New threat cards and blips, new possibilities, and the Fires of Ra soundtrack! Also includes all physical stretch goals marked with “Sarcophagus,” and of course the digital versions that everyone gets! All of this in a sturdy Nile Empire-themed box, as you’ve come to expect from Torg Eternity!

Nile Empire Vigilante – $500 (10 available)

Want to add your own hero to the ranks of the Mystery Men? You get everything in the Nile Empire Sarcophagus Pledge Level, plus we’ll work with you to create an official Core Earth or Nile Empire Archetype! This includes custom Perks, Spells, or Miracles, art for the character, and the character you help create becomes the “iconic” version of that Archetype.

Nile Empire Champion – $1000 (6 available)

Add your Archetype just as Vigilante above, plus you earn a seat for yourself or a designated proxy at our very special GenCon event on Thursday night. Last year’s event was an epic battle that determined the fate of the Mystery Men. What will this year’s game hold? Note that this offer doesn’t include travel, lodging, or tickets to GenCon.

The excitement begins Wednesday, November 28th!