Myth Dawn of Heroes Public Demo Updates

Did you know that you can try Myth: Dawn of Heroes right now?

Several months ago, I put up both a print and play version (on DriveThruCards) and a Tabletop Simulator version. At our recent Ulisses Online Con, I announced some updates to the Tabletop Simulator Workshop file, with a bunch of new things to check out! (Scroll to the bottom to see the videos)

If you are already subscribed to the mod, you’ll notice a few new things the next time you load it into Tabletop Simulator:

All five heroes from the Dawn of Heroes base set are now available to try out. This includes Hero Boards, Action Decks, starting items, and now 3D minis!

There are a couple of new monster cards to check out if you want to play around with some nastier enemies.

Token art has been updated, including preview art for the new varieties of doors in Dawn of Heroes.

All the existing decks have been updated as well, including Darkness, Item, and Action Decks.

Installing the Module

If you have never added the Myth: Dawn of Heroes Demo to Tabletop Simulator, you can get it by clicking on this link and then the Subscribe button:

Once you have done that, you can start up Tabletop Simulator, click on Create a new game, and load the mod from Workshop:

We hope you enjoy the demo, and make sure to check out the videos of all our Myth-related panels from Ulisses Online Con!

Keynote and Dawn of Heroes walkthrough

17:45 – After 15 minutes Eric Simon talks about Myth:Dawn of Heroes and shows game pieces,

Myth Lore Panel featuring Ross Watson and Eric Simon

Myth: Tales of Legend – Sojourns, Relics, & Strange Places

~Eric Simon, Line Developer – Myth: Dawn of Heroes