Living Land Preview #7 – Archetypes and the GM Screen

One of the products available during the Kickstarter is the Living Land GM Screen and Archetypes Pack, which contains new Living Land archetypes as well as Core Earth archetypes that you might find in this part of the world.


The archetypes from Core Earth are:

Cartel Assassin
Dinosaur Hunter
Embedded Journalist
Gang Soldier
Hockey Enforcer
Medicine Walker
Renewed Nun
Royal Mountie

The new Living Land archetypes are:

Banished Scout
Blood Witch
Chosen Human
Dinosaur Whisperer
Edeinos Brute
Edeinos Outsider
Edeinos Wanderer
Primitive Warrior

and here’s a sample archetype, the Hockey Enforcer:

The GM Screen

The GM screen comes with additional tables on the GM side that are useful specifically for running adventures in the Living Land, especially if you need to come up with something on the fly like a Wonder:

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