Living Land Preview #5 – Thrakmoss!

With Halloween coming up, this week we have a bone chilling, blood curdling preview of a growing menace in the Upper Midwest: Thrakmoss.

High Priest of Rek Stalek

Thrakmoss is the son of an edeinos who had an interolerable fascination with dead things and the ustanah, to the point of collecting artifacts from that defeated civilization. Thrakmoss’s father was cast out and soon died, but his son was curious about his obsession.  Thrakmoss travelled to Earth like many others of his kind, but death hit his tribe hard, and he soon found himself the only survivor.

Thrakmoss wandered the upper Midwest and found himself drawn to a Wonder, and inside that Wonder was the Temple of Rek Stalek. Rek Stalek was the ancient god of death who challenged Lanala and lost. A fragment of the god’s essence survived and Thrakmoss swore his fealty to this evil god, promising to spread the worship of death across the Living Land.

Shortly after accepting the power of Rek Stalek, Thrakmoss took control of the Whitespear clan and led them in a frenzy of destruction, killing countless people in the upper Midwest.  Detroit and Chicago are now monuments to the dead…and filled with the undead.

Thrakmoss is a deadly and powerful foe, and although he dislikes leading from the front, Storm Knights can seek out and fight him. Woe to an Alpha or Beta Clearance Storm Knight who encounters him though! Not only is he strong, a highly skilled warrior and gotak, he also bears Bone Razor, a sacred item (more on those in a later preview) granted to him by the God of Death that, among other benefits, does Strength +5 damage, but also makes his faith tests Favored!

The Miracles of Rek Stalek

The gotaks of Rek Stalek have access to their own list of miracles, including the ground shaking earthquake, preserve, which prevents the decay process of dead bodies (counter to the will of Lanala), and mend corpse:

Undead Dinosaurs. Undead. Dinosaurs.

 I give you…the Z-Rex. ‘nuff said.

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