Living Land Preview #3 – Miracles

Out of all the realms that invaded Earth, the Living Land is the one with the most spiritual power. Most Jackatts (worshipers of Lanala) are able to use the abundant spiritual energy in the cosm to manipulate plants, and those who are stronger invokers can channel incredible powers that can have literally earth shattering results.

If that weren’t enough, Lanala walks the Living Land, which means Storm Knights might meet her face to face…hopefully under good circumstances.

Optants and Gotaks

Keta Kalles acknowledges the circle of life. While life is important as it provides Lanala with new experiences, death is also critical in order to make room for more life, and to let others survive. Lanala’s invokers are divided into two types. Optants (priests of life) focus on Lanala’s aspect of life and are plentiful, healing the sick, interpreting the will of Lanala, and helping their tribe survive. Gotaks (priests of the dead) handle subjects that most Jackatts find uncomfortable including handling the corpses of falling tribe members. Gotaks are often shunned but still honored for their sacrifice.  Although in the past gotaks were uncommon, with the rise of Baruk Kaah they have found new prominence.

Then Thrakmoss accepted the power of Rek Stalek, the God of Death. Rek Stalek once challenged Lanala for supremacy on Takta Ker, but lost. Now his power is rising and gotaks are turning away from Lanala and joining Thrakmoss in his worship of death…and undeath.

Miracle Lists

The Living Land source book details new lists of miracles that different worshipers can take. Some of these are accessed through the Miracles Perk from the Torg Eternity core book, but two new Perks provide access to the specific lists for Keta Kalles Optants and Gotaks. The Optant Perk grants access to the following list of miracles, and grants knowledge of shape plant, ward enemy, as well as two additional miracles.

Taking the Optant or Gotak Perk still allows the Storm Knight to take the Miracles Perk as well, granting even more miracles (though restricted to the Keta Kalles list in the Torg Eternity core book).


Many new miracles are detailed in the Living Land source book, including those, like shape plant, which can be invoked by any jackatt, even if they don’t have the Miracles (or similar) Perk.

High Spirit Axiom miracles are detailed too, including the powerful earthquake!

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