Living Land Preview #10 – New Destiny and Cosm Cards

We just have a short preview this week, but I think it’s one that people will like. Running a Kickstarter during the holidays is unwise, so we won’t be launching for a bit yet, but to tide you over, here’s one of the things you can expect when the Kickstarter launches.

New Destiny and Cosm Cards

 As stretch goals, we will be adding new Destiny and Cosm cards for you to add to your decks. The first stretch goal involving cards will feature an additional Destiny and Cosm card, and further stretch goals increase the number of additional cards.

Some of these cards will be duplicates of current Destiny or Cosm cards, allowing you to emphasize certain aspects of the game or the cosm, but others will be entirely new, including these two:


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to our forums!