Living Land – MARCH!

We are so close to being able to announce the actual date for the launch of the Living Land Kickstarter!

What we can tell you is that it will in mid-March. We’ll announce the exact date very soon.

But we also have a couple other things to share right now!

Cargo Box Second Chance

First, we know that many people are excited by (and maybe a little jealous of) all the pictures of the Cargo Box from the Core Rules Kickstarter. We are so happy with how this turned out, and we have definitely heard a few of you saying that you were sorry you missed it.

Worry no more! The Living Land Kickstarter will allow you to correct this great and terrible hole in your collection! The Delphi Council Cargo Box will indeed be available as part of this Kickstarter!

We’ll reveal the exact details soon when we talk about pledge levels and add-ons. The Cargo Box will likely be a little bit more expensive (now that we know its full value), and you won’t be able to get the Limited Leather edition of the Core Rules (not sure yet about the Deluxe), but everything else will be the same.

GM Screen Art

As we get closer to launch, we’re also finalizing art for the various products. So we’ll leave you with a look at the final art for the Living Land GM Screen!

So keep watching here and on all our social media for news about the Living Land Kickstarter!