Living Land Backer Archetypes and Destroyed Cities

We’re continuing to plug away at the final items before sending the Living Land Sourcebook off to printers and thought you might be interested in some of the details regarding the Explorer and Destroyer Level backer archetypes, as well as those poor cities that have been sacked by Baruk Kaah’s edeinos.

First up, let’s take a look at the destroyed cities.

Tallahassee, Florida

When the edeinos came for Tallahassee we managed to evacuate everyone into an empty, submerged city that appeared. We called it “New Atlantis.”
—Rayo Rojo

Vancouver, British Columbia

As if stampeding dinosaurs weren’t enough, the ground split open and rivers of lava ran through Vancouver’s streets destroying everything in it’s path. There is no fixing that.
—Bob Dickhoff

[[Editor: Apparently this is the result of a hockey rivalry. Just an FYI, …I’m a poor, snakebit, downtrodden Canucks fan. Just sayin’. 😉 – Deanna]]

Memphis, Tennessee

We were tracking the epicenter of a quake, and saw it was moving towards Memphis. When we came out of the shelter the only thing visible was clouds of ash.
—Andrew. Moore, UofM

Ann Arbor, Michigan

We saw snakes the width of a Smart Car burst out of the Law Quadrangle, slither down State, cross Maynard, and burst into Club Necto.
—Ann Arbor Police pilot Fred Ferguson

Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas

First toxic gas started bubbling up from fissures in the street, and then the fires started. Everyone was running and expecting dinosaurs, but they never came.
—Casey Wood, Dallas-Fort Worth Survivor

Raleigh, North Carolina

The Raleigh area was impacted by a small meteorite. The city center lies in ruins, covered by ejecta and subsequent volcanics.
—Dr. Linear


Here’s a summary of the new backer created archetypes that you’ll be able to use in your games:

  • Luchador: Showman and wrestler, using his strength for a good cause.
  • Scavenger: All about finding hard to find items, and making repairs to otherwise useless junk.
  • Jungle Blessed: A human who’s embraced the spirit of the Living Land and been embraced in return…by the jungle itself.
  • Suave Manipulator: A one man cult of personality.
  • Pathfinder: A stealthy traveler.
  • Apex Predator: An edeinos striving to be the best hunter possible.
  • Maintenance Worker: A fixer who does the hard job of keeping things working vs the Law of Decay.
  • Stalenger Survivor: The rare survivor of the Night of Many stabs (Yes, you read that right. J)
  • Sunwing Ace: A native of the Living Land…with wings!
  • Ground Sloth: Another species dominated by Baruk Kaah just now arriving in rare numbers.
  • Ruins Seeker: Explorer focused on finding and exploiting Wonders.
  • Young Survivor: Young, nimble, and focused on ranged combat in a harsh environment.
  • Lost One: A transformed edeinos interested in Wonders and technology.

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