For this month’s UlissesOnlineConMonthly (April 23-25) we’re taking all the stops out and inviting our friends at Startplaying.Games to host games. We’ll have professional Game Masters running Torg Eternity, Fading Suns, & The Dark Eye for new players, so if you’ve been wanting to get into a game, now is your chance!

We’ll also have actual play games and panels for each of our gamelines over the weekend!

GMs Wanted for Paid Introductory Games:

For Ulisses Con Online Monthly we’re l to run 36 oneshots of our games. The games available for play are; The Dark Eye, Torg Eternity, and Fading Suns. These games will be FREE for the players.

  • ALL GMS have been chosen for intro games. Thanks for your interest!

GMs Wanted for non-introductory Games

If you want to GM a non-intro game, feel free to schedule sessions for any of our games, they can be free or paid, it’s up to you. You can find out more about how to do that on the Startplaying.Games site. Click HERE for a FAQ on game creation.

At the end of your game template please be sure to indicate that the game template for a special event. In the dropdown you should be able to choose UlissesConOnlineMonthly.

Panels and Streamed Games

All panels will be followed up by a meet and greet in our custom Ulisses Spiele world.


4:45pm Ulisses Con Vegas Keynote by Timothy Brown
5pm Panel Myth: Dawn of Heroes – Eric Simon Looking Forward to Dawn of Heroes
6pm Panel The Dark Eye
7pm Panel Myth: Lore
8pm Panel Myth: Tales of Legend


8am Game Torg Eternity Orrorsh  actual play with GM Greg Gorden
1pm Game Torg Eternity Rain & Sin actual play with GM Greg Gorden
6pm Panel Fading Suns What’s in the Future for Fading Suns
7pm Panel Torg Eternity Pan Pacifica
8pm Panel Space 1889


8am Game – Rudy Basso Presents – Torg Eternity – The Tower, actual play
1pm Game – Grant Ellis Presents – The Dark Eye – The Shadow Looms At Golden Hour, actual play