Join us for our monthly virtual tabletop event. Signup to play games or run games!

Monthly Dates

February 26-28th
March 26-28th


Players: We’ll open up a Warhorn signups when games are live to signup.

Signup on Warhorn for Ulisses OnlineCon Monthly

GMs: Please register here for games you’d like to run.


Friday evenings will be dedicated primarily to Ulisses panels (to be announced). Games can still be run if that works for you. GMs will choose their virtual platform and then players can signup for the games that work for them.

All times are Pacific/GMT-8

Slot 1 – Friday 5 pm-9pm (Primarily for panels)
Slot 2 – Saturday 8a-12pm
Slot 3 – Saturday 1-5pm
Slot 4 – Saturday 6-10pm
Slot 5 – Sunday 8a-12pm
Slot 6 – Sunday 1-5pm