Gen Con Specials and Doorbusters

In just two days, the 50th Gen Con will officially begin, and it promises to be the most amazing one ever! Badges are entirely sold out, and the convention has expanded so much that it has even taken over Lucas Oil Stadium!

With so many people there, we definitely hope to see many of our fans who follow us on social media, read our website, and talk on our forums. Because you are special to us, we wanted to give you early warning on a few Gen Con special deals and limited offers.

Aventuria Gen Con Combo

We’ll be selling the Aventuria Adventure Card Game at its regular retail price – $50 for the base set and $30 each for the expansions. However, we want to encourage people to explore the world of Aventuria and not have to choose between the three excellent expansions, so we have this special offer happening throughout the convention:

Aventuria Gen Con Combo Deal (Base Set + 3 expansions) – $120

Doorbusters are items that we have in much more limited quantities. We are scheduling those on separate days by product line to keep things organized.

The Dark Eye – Products Available Thursday

We’ll be selling as much of this product line as we can at Gen Con, including everything we have currently in stock through Paizo and our web store. We do not have any of the Warring Kingdoms materials to sell, although we do have demo copies that you can peruse to see what’s coming up. In addition, we have the following limited offers, all of which will be available as soon as the Exhibit Hall opens on Thursday:

Tales of Dragons & Thieves – This collection of adventures will be available in stores in a few months. We have a small number of advance copies to sell!

Hit Zone Location Dice Set – This accessory offers unique options to make combat more exciting and dramatic while keeping it moving forward. We will have a very small number of advance copies of this set!

Aventuria/The Dark Eye T-Shirts – These are the same t-shirts that were available in the Almanac and Aventuria Card Game. We’ll have a few shirts in most sizes available.

Torg Eternity – Products Available Friday

We don’t have much for Torg Eternity yet, but we are happy to announce that we do have a couple of very limited offers!

Torg Eternity Dice Pack – That’s right! The Storm Dice are coming to Gen Con 50! We have a very small number of these available, so we are keeping it to ONE SET PER CUSTOMER. Please respect this limit – although we only have a few, we want them spread around as much as possible.

Torg Eternity T-Shirt – We made a new shirt for ourselves for this Gen Con, and we made extras to share with fans! We will have a few shirts in most sizes available.


See you at Gen Con!