Full Living Land Kickstarter Preview

The Living Land Kickstarter launches at 10am Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 27th!

We know you have lots of questions about what will be included, so we’ve decided to just let you have a look at the preview right now!

We know that looking at the page will answer quite a few of your questions, but we also want to answer a couple that have been cropping up:

Are the promo cards Kickstarter exclusives?

No. At the launch of the Kickstarter, they are only available in the Survival Box because it is not practical for us to pack loose cards with any of the other pledge levels. However, we have stretch goals planned that could expand those promos into a full product that will be available as an add-on during the course of this Kickstarter. And even if we do not unlock those stretch goals during this campaign, there will be products later that make the promo cards available for purchase.

Will you be using the same pledge management system?

Yes, but we want to reduce confusion overall. We are going to be eliminating the Kickstarter survey so that the Game On survey email will be the only one you receive. That way you will know for sure whether or not you have completed it. However, you will still get your preview PDFs right after the Kickstarter closes. In fact, we are working on a procedure to make that even faster this time!

Also, part of our confusion reduction will be to make the Deluxe and Limited Editions add-ons only. Every Survival Box will have the regular hardcover in it, and we’ll just add your Deluxe or Limited on top of that.

Take a look, and start planning for Tuesday!