Fading Suns on Bundle of Holding

If you’re a dedicated fan of Fading Suns, you may be eagerly awaiting news about what Ulisses will be doing with its new line. But if you’re not as familiar with the game (or if you know people who aren’t), we have got a great deal for you to check out!

Fading Suns is on the newest Bundle of Holding!


We’re happy to announce that right now you can get the Player’s Guide, the Game Master’s Guide, and Warlords of the Realm for only $14.95! And if you pledge over the threshold price (currently just a little over $24), you’ll get five additional books:

  • Lords & Priests
  • Merchants of the Jumpweb
  • Byzantium Secundus
  • Weird Places
  • Into the Dark

If you’ve been thinking about exploring the rich universe of Fading Suns, there has never been a better time!

Head over to Bundle of Holding now!