Fading Suns New Frontiers Crowdfunding Launch

Fading Suns New Frontiers Crowdfunding Launch

The Fading Suns: New Frontiers crowdfunding has launched on GameOn Tabletop! This crowdfunding stretches from today 7/28 through 8/18/21.

Humanity’s dream of attaining the stars came true. Using the jump gates left by a mysterious alien race, we spread out across many worlds and built a grand republic of high technology and universal rights — and then squandered it, fought over it, and finally lost it. In the aftermath of utopia, a new dark age descended and even the stars grew dimmer. Noble houses now rule the Known World, vying with greedy tech guilds and haughty priests. Amidst these factional games of power, a rare few individuals will question things and strive to reignite our destiny among the stars.

The gateway to the Vuldrok worlds is the planet of Hargard. New Frontiers provides gamemasters with many meaty dramas set there, as well as additional information on its most contested territory. Last, but not least, the alien tentacled-mollusk nizdharim are revealed — a longtime fan favorite.

New Frontiers isn’t just about Vuldrok — it’s also about the Known Worlds explorers who seek to test themselves on the frontier, such as the Charioteers Guild of star pilots and traders — the first to seek new opportunities and provide the pilots to fly others to the frontier — and the Brother Battle order of warrior monks, the elite fighting force tasked with protecting the borders from all threats mundane and supernatural.

This crowdfunding contains:

  • Fading Suns – Vuldrok Space + PDF
  • Fading Suns – Hard Times on Hargard + PDF
  • Fading Suns – St. Paulus’ Field Guide to Spacecraft + PDF
  • Fading Suns – Brother Battle-Imperial Dossier + PDF
  • Fading Suns – Charioteers Guild-Imperial Dossier + PDF
  • Fading Suns – New Frontiers Spacecraft Deckplans (12 plans) + PDF
  • Stretch goals!


Creature: Rweng

Creature: Draugr

Ship: Myrkwym Explorer

Ship: Myrkwym Deckplan

Brother Battle Callings