Fading Suns in the Media

As the Fading Suns Kickstarter soars through stretch goals we’ve been expanding the reach of the Empire by chatting and gaming with folks across the Known Worlds Internet. Below you’ll find links to actual plays, podcasts, and articles featuring Fading Suns.

Today (Monday) at 1pm Pacific time you can listen to Bill Bridges, co-creator and Ulisses’ Fading Suns line manager chat with Robert Adducci (Ulisses International Social Media Manager) chat about all things Fading Suns in the Facebook: Tabletop RolePlaying Game Group in a Facebook Live video chat and Q&A. It will be recorded and added to our Youtube Channel later.

Podcasts & Chats

Bill has also recently been on several podcasts talking about his history in game design and Fading Suns:

Actual Plays

We have run a few actual plays on our Twitch channel and are currently scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 PM Mountain time.


Thanks to these websites for the shoutouts to Fading Suns! Please visit them and show your support of Fading Suns by commenting and interacting. If you hear of any more Fading Suns article please send them to contact@ulisses-spiele.com.