Digital Torg Eternity novelties

Digital Torg Eternity novelties

The new year has just begun and already our goblins have packed some new PDFs for you into the digital dragon hoard. Check out our Torg Eternity novelties.


Orrorsh Sourcebook


Orrorsh is the realm of gothic horror. Cultivated and perfected by the Gaunt Man, Orrorsh is without doubt the most dangerous of the invading cosms. The Nightmares of Orrorsh now stalk and prey upon ords and Storm Knights both.

Orrorsh invaded India and surrounding countries, spreading like an infection in the Night of Screams. Since then, the realm has barely expanded, but its zones are turning Pure. Now the Hellion Court work towards furthering the Gaunt Mans sinister plot to drain Core Earth of its Possibility Energy, as he has done to countless cosms before. Corruption tempts those with power and the Gaunt Man is always delighted to turn a hero into a villain.

You play the heroes of this gothic horror realm. Detectives, occultists, monster slayers, Sacellum priests, and even those Cursed to be monsters themselves attempt to thwart the evil plans of the Gaunt Man and stop him from becoming the TORG.

Inside you will find:

  • The Orrorsh Sourcebook in a hand-bound real leather, gold-embossed cover.
  • New Perks, Spells, Miracles, and gear for players.
  • New Threats and foes to encounter, including Nightmares, which can regenerate Possibility Energy.
  • Details of the Warzones within Orrorsh and Ravagons, savage beings loyal to the Gaunt Man.
  • Plot hooks and events from the first year of the Possibility Wars.




Orrorsh GM Screen & Archetypes


This screen contains three panels with the most common tables and modifiers a GM may need when running Torg Eternity within Orrorsh. In addition, there are also tables to generate your own Nightmares with unique origins, habits, and mysteries to investigate.

Inside are 16 full-color archetypes and their character sheets, ready for action at a moment’s notice! Characters include the Nihang Warrior, the Socialite Occultist, and the zealous Sacellum Priest!



A Trifling Matter


Orrorsh is a terrifying, deadly cosm where victory rarely comes without a price, but one where the Storm Knights must go to uncover the secrets of the greatest of all High Lords.
In A Trifling Matter, the heroes are sent to discover what it takes to destroy a seemingly unkillable Nightmare who is one of the Gaunt Man’s most powerful servants. Their hunt will take them from the ghats of India to the jungles of Bangladesh, and from the depths of a sanitarium to the slopes of the world’s tallest mountain, all to find the dark secrets which define their quarry-and allow them to slay her forever!

Inside you will find:

  • A massive Seven Act adventure that crosses the different regions of Orrorsh.
  • The dark history of a complex, dangerous member of the Hellion Court.
  • New foes to face and allies to help you in your fight!




Delphi Missions: Orrorsh


Delphi Missions: Orrorsh is a set of adventures to enhance any ongoing Torg Eternity campaign.
Ten missions inside are suitable for an evening of play, plus one that can be mixed with any of the others for added flavor. Each adventure may be dropped into an existing story, or played on its own. Horrors, Nightmares, and dark rituals await! This product contains adventures suitable for Alpha and Beta Clearance Storm Knights written by Torg heavy hitters Bill Slavicsek, Steve Kenson, Shane Lacy Hensley, John Terra, John Watson, and others.

Inside you will find:

  • Eleven different adventures, all set within different parts of Orrorsh.
  • Great for a one night fill-in, or to extend an act that ends too early.
  • New foes to battle and new challenges to face!




Orrorsh GM Pack


Step up your game! This pack contains accessories designed to enhance any Torg campaign. A map of Orrorsh shows invasion zones across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Threat cards have one side that faces the players and includes the defense numbers they need to calculate their own attacks and simply tell the GM the result of a test. The other side has the special abilities and attacks the GM needs without needing to check a book.

Threat blips are sturdy tokens that match the monsters and foes encountered within the game, and are great for tactical combat or for tracking the number of foes and their conditions, even without using a map.



Orrorsh Booster Deck

This booster deck adds specialized cards for the terrifying realm of Orrorsh. A re-themed 40 card Drama Deck features unique special effects each round. Be careful, the darkness is filled with challenges and danger! Ten new Cosm cards increase the variety of effects to bring out the horror of the setting. Finally, five new cards are added to the Drama Deck, bringing back some old favorites and adding completely new options to the mix.



A Trifling Matter Soundtrack MP3

Ralf Kurtsiefer and his creative team from the Orkpack label are proud to present this CD, designed especially for Torg Eternity. This audio CD is designed to accompany the adventure A Trifling Matter. While this collection was composed especially for Torg Eternity, we encourage you to use it as background music for other stories, or simply listen to it for your own musical enjoyment.



Orrorsh Map Pack 1 & 2

This detailed, double-sided map puts the horrors of Orrorsh onto your gaming table!
Haunted Asylum wraps you up in dark corridors and claustrophobic rooms. Is this remote location empty and haunted, or seeking new residents?
Foggy Street could represent a transformed section of any major city in Orrorsh. The dim gaslamps provide some protection from the darkened alleys. What monsters lurk around the corners just out of sight?

This high-quality, double-sided map sets the stage for the unfolding Possibility Wars on your table!

Visit the Jungle Temple, once a holy site but now overgrown by the potentially corrupted wilderness. Is this a sacred hardpoint to be protected, or the new lair of something sinister to expel?
Climb the Icy Cliffside and discover its mysteries! Rather than a flat overhead view, this treacherous path is shown vertically, with a relatively safe longer route, or risky shortcuts and hidden ice caves. Dont look down!