Digital The Dark Eye novelties

Digital The Dark Eye novelties

It’s that time again. Another month has passed, but our goblins have been busy and packed some novelties into the digital dragon hoard. Check out our The Dark Eye novelties.


Gods of Aventuria


The Gods are everywhere. Few people in Aventuria have not personally witnessed a Blessed One’s wondrous powers; consequently, most Aventurians believe in the gods without question. Servants of the Twelve provide advice and practical assistance to the faithful.

Gods of Aventuria focuses on the Blessed Ones of the Twelve and their important allies, the Blessed Ones of the demigods. It also shines a light on their primary adversary, the Nameless One. Learn about the different Church traditions, organizational structures, and sacred places and objects. Use the power of the new Ceremonial Items. Decide which aspect of your god to follow and customize your character with liturgical styles from different Church movements.

Support your god as a member of one of the most important Aventurian Orders or preach their words as a Zealot. Give more depth to villains who follow the Nameless One or play a character with a dark secret as a follower of the dark god. Gods of Aventuria also presents new and exciting profession packages for each of the twelve Gods and their main allied demigods, as well as a handful of the most important Aventurian Orders. Learn more about the Golgarites, who follow Boron; the Draconites, who pledge themselves to Hesinde; and the Amazons, Rondra’s chosen people. Eight new game-ready archetypes allow you to dive directly into the world of Aventuria!




Gods of Aventuria Card Set


This card pack contains 616 cards of Gods of Aventuria. It contains all the liturgies and ceremonies with their liturgical enhancements, as well as all the new Advantages, Disadvantages, and Special Abilities. In addition, all the liturgical enhancements of the Core Rules. This pack also includes all the new Ceremonial artifacts from Gods of Aventuria.




Gods of Aventuria Crowdfunding Pack


This set contains:

  • 18 tarot-sized cards with the art of the gods on the front and reference material on the back.
  • Posters showing the six cover illustrations of the Theater Knights campaign.
  • 6 Theater Knights GM Screen panels as inserts for customizable screens. Three outside panels with a beautiful illustration, and three inside panels with helpful game information.




Theater Knights 4 — Green Platoon


Spring is in the air, and the Convention of Bards is underway! Musicians, singers, and poets from the furthest corners of Aventuria flock to the town of Norbury. Audiences jostle for a chance to see famous performers and hear tales of the fabled Goblin Timbal, and of legendary artifacts like the holy Swords of the North, which are said to guarantee victory in battle.

Merry-makers fill the streets, but a cloud hangs over the celebrations—far to the south, many bronnjars march with Empress Rohaja to fight the traitor Helme Haffax. Few troops remain behind, and Bornland is vulnerable. At the height of the festivities, a sneak attack from the disreputable frontier town of Notmarch leaves many dead. The survivors demand justice, and a small but determined force prepares for war.

March with The Green Platoon, discover lost secrets of the ancient Order of the Theater Knights, and help the Noble Marshal recruit warriors for a climactic battle against the Alliance of Kor’s Sign! Will you join the ranks of the greatest heroes in Bornish history? Adventure awaits!




Theater Knights 5 — Silver Guard


After the Battle at Fortress Graytooth, the Alliance of Kor’s Sign forces seem defeated. Noble Marshal Nadjesha of Lionsford, though, senses the threats created by the Goblin Timbal’s emergence. Unprecedented destruction has already been wrought by this weapon of war of the Kunga Suula, and it must be destroyed! Nobody knows how this could be done. It is up to the heroes to guard the Timbal during the lengthy magical analysis of the artifact at a castle of the Order of the Ram. They will have to fight off the insidious attacks of the remaining cultists and their new allies. Aside from beastingers, river pirates, and dragon riders, they will meet old acquaintances, like Count Thezmer Alatzer of Asterbreach and the former Noble Marshal Jucho of Dallenthin and Persanzig.

In the fifth part of the Theater Knights campaign, the heroes will penetrate the center of their adversaries’ cult. They will meet allies they thought lost and traitors they thought vanquished. As they follow rumors about The Silver Guard, they will learn more about the dangerous reasons for the Awakening of the Bornland and the fate that the land intends for humans and The Silver Guard.




Theater Knights 6 — Red Choir


Festum in Firun 1040 FB. Despite the bitterness of winter, the noble diet attracts Bronnjars from all parts of the Bornland. The noble marshal Nadjescha hopes to be confirmed in office, while notable and bizarre rivals are getting ready to challenge her. At the same time, a new Korian cult is spreading in the city. Whilst the cult‘s leader is only too well known to the heroes, her connection to the Alliance of Kor’s Sign remains uncertain at best. Is this threat, already thought to have been vanquished, sprouting a new within the city of Festum? When gruesome murders occur, the usual suspects are quickly blamed. Yet investigating between complacent nobles, stubborn goblins and the Festum underworld might reveal a different picture.

In the sixth and final part of the Theater Knights campaign, the heroes can discuss their discoveries about the Awakening and the future of the Bornland with the wise and powerful. While making plans for an uncertain future, they hunt criminals in the bustling city and are confronted with the rise of new secular and religious forces. Only when they face the last living witness of the ancient Order of the Theater Knights do they understand the true function of The Red Choir and find the key to both power and the future of this land.




Kor Vademecum


“When the blood of the fighting soaks the ground and the cheers of the victor drown out the lamentations of the vanquished, you can feel the breath of the Black Manikor.”

Excerpt from the Khunchomer Codex

What challenges await a Servant of the Zealous Reaper outside of battle, and what demands does the Church place on an aspirant to the novitiate? How much command do the three highest Consecrated of the Black Manikor have, and what influence do they have on the Brotherhood of Blood? What distinguishes a Corconsecrate from the Deep South from his brother in the Shadowlands, and how does the growing Consecration in the Bornland interpret the principles of their lord? Is there a uniform contract for mercenaries and what is the meaning of honor for a brother of the blood?

The Kor Vademecum provides Aventurian background material on the Consecration of the Thundering Rider of Heaven and its principles. Liturgies and invocations and miracles pleasing to the deity are described, as well as Kor’s few alveraniars and the only saint accepted in the consecration. In addition to numerous Aventurian source texts and citations, the book also contains extensive suggestions for players and masters, which should facilitate the representation of a Kor consecrated in the game and its integration.

The Kor Vademecum is an atmospheric addition to the game in Aventuria. It is suitable for masters and players alike, and requires no rules knowledge.




Three Colors of Snow


A dark secret looms like a shadow over the Castle of Lejenfels, which overlooks a remote valley in the snow-covered Nordwalser Heights of the Bornland.

Since the death of his wife many years ago, the Nobleman Tirulf of Lejenfels has changed—he spends most of the year withdrawn and in communion with the gods, so they say.However, when the heroes escort the noblewoman Janne of Tritzow to the Nobleman’s Castle for a wedding celebration, they quickly learn that not everything is right. The next day his daughter is ought to enter the holy travia bond with her lover. But soon, a gruesome crime overshadows the happy mood. There is no shortage of suspects among the assembled guests, each of whom seems to be pursuing their own goals. But what begins as an intrigue about the legacy of the house of Lejenfels soon turns out to be a conflict that dates back into a distant past.

  • Adventure Elements: a wedding in the Northwalser Heights, murders during wedding festivities, search for the mysterious murderer
  • Genre: Closed Room Detective Story
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Location: Nordwalser Heights
  • Time: in a winter between 1038 BF and 1040 BF
  • Complexity (Players/GM): low to medium / high
  • Suggested Hero Experience Level: average to competent
  • Requirements: Ready for hire
  • Challenge Level:
    • Research: 4/4
    • Combat talents: 2/4
    • Nature talents: 2/4
    • Living History: 1/4




Transformation in Chaos


For Khunchomers it is Dar-Marustani, for most outsiders a completely foreign and crazy world – but for its Marascan inhabitants the neighborhood of As’Tuzak has become their home during the time of exile. Order was kept here for many years by the eastern tetrarch Keïderan-Dajin and his guards. But the tetrarch has died, and unrest has gripped the neighborhood. Two candidates are competing for the succession of the deceased, and no one can foresee how this conflict will end.

Of course, various power groups are also interested in the future of the Maraskan community, and some may not be satisfied with the role of observer. I wonder if someone is up to no good here. How good it is that Rur has created the world beautiful and perfect, it means that the paths of the heroes lead to As’Tuzak just at this time. Here, in the maelstrom of events, they can make a landmark decision. To do so, however, they must first

But in order to do so, they must first find out who really poses a threat to the Maraskan community in the bubbling rumor mill of the quarter – not easy when you may soon become part of the omnipresent Kladj yourself.

  • Adventure keywords: Maraskan neighborhood in times of upheaval, a threatening assassination attempt, and a shady ally.
  • Genre: Investigative and intrigue adventure
  • Requirements: Willingness to help, intuition, open-mindedness towards Maraskans
  • Location: Khunchom, Maraskan Quarter
  • Time: Travia 1038 BF
  • Complexity (Player / Master): medium to high / medium to high
  • Experience level of heroes: experienced to competent


All you need to play is The Dark Eye Rulebook and the Aventurian Almanac, all other information to experience the adventure like value boxes, maps and plans as well as handouts are included in the volume.