Designer Reflection Roundup

TDE 5 Character Sheets Cover vorab

Nikolai Hoch is part of the editorial staff and writes many of the articles and blog posts for the German Ulisses Spiele site.

I have been playing The Dark Eye through all its editions since the 80s and I have been thrilled by the ongoing timeline ever since. All the different plotlines that you can follow through time in Aventuria really make the game unique. From everything I knew about the reception of TDE in the States and what I had heard about the presentation of the German core rules at GenCon 2015, my expectations for the Kickstarter were quite high already, but your support is truly amazing! And now TDE will hit the US market – awesome!

There is so much to explore, a whole new world for your gaming table!


Alex Spohr has worked on numerous projects for The Dark Eye since 2008 and has been part of the editorial staff since 2011. Along with Jens Ullrich and Markus Plötz, he is one of the main authors of the 5th Edition Core Rules.

I am happy about the great interest in The Dark Eye. Aventurien is a fantastic world and it’s great when new players want to explore this world. I hope that you will make a lot of fun with The Dark Eye and our adventures, campaigns, and the core rule book.


Jeff Alvarez is the Chief Operations Officer at Paizo, our English-language publishing partner.

Like most gamers, I have known about The Dark Eye for decades but growing up in the USA I’d had minimal exposure to the brand. It wasn’t until I visited The RPC in 2012 that I finally understood what it meant to the German gaming community. It was their Dungeons & Dragons. Their Warhammer 40K. It was the game that was passed down from father to son, uncle to nephew, and was a part of their everyday lives. They’ve lived and breathed this game, for 30 years, building the world and expanding the rules. It’s their legacy and they’re sharing it with us! What a terrific time to be a gamer.


Markus Plötz has been the CEO of Ulisses Spiele since 2000. He is closely involved in everything the company does, and is very excited about the English release of The Dark Eye.

It is fabulous for me to see TDE being so successful. It gives me great joy that after playing TDE as a child, when it was first published in Germany, then owning the brand and taking it to a new Edition, now to see it being received so warmly and joyously in the USA. Thank you so much for your support! Your reward shall be uncountable adventures in the Middenrealms and beyond!