Designer Reflection – Eevie Demirtel

This article is the first in a series of reflections by the developers of The Dark Eye. Today’s reflection is by Eevie Demirtel, who joined the team as an editor about five years ago after writing a couple of novels for Das Schwarze Auge and (like everyone else on the team) growing up playing the game.


The world of Aventuria is full of different settings and stories that interact with each other and create a unique place for exciting adventures – your adventures. We can’t wait to finally bring all that to you to you, to explore with your characters and become a part of it.

Although there might be bigger continents in other fantasy settings, Aventuria has a lot to offer. The world description is probably one of the most detailed there is in pen & paper RPG. It has been developed over the last 30 years with an incredible love for details inspired by our mythology and the rich European history. It brings together a lot of intriguing settings that are so much fun to play in.

I think playing The Dark Eye is highly addictive, and I’ve become a true loreshipper over the years. You simply can’t stop to explore the world, once you’ve started, and there’s so many fascinating facts, stories and secrets to discover about the game world and the people that live in it – even after years and years of play.  Thanks to the living history Aventuria never stands still and has its ongoing storylines and developments. You can either lean back and watch events unfold or your characters can actually be a part of those historic events and make history themselves.

Revelations from heaven was the first Adventure written for the 5th Edition and hopefully it’s very interesting for you to play, because it has a unique German touch to it. It’s set in the Kosh Region, which is reminiscent of European village life in the Middle Ages, and it offers a lot of German gemütlichkeit with a pinch of fantasy. But don’t let yourself be fooled by that: There’s a lot of challenging adventure ahead as well, and things might not be as idyllic as they seem at first glance.

One of the things I love so much about this game is the gender equality that has become a natural part of the game world over the years. In most Regions of Aventuria it doesn’t matter much whether your character is male or female. It doesn’t limit your choices when it comes to choosing a profession so you can be a fierce fighter, a courtier, a mage, a priest or anything you want.

We all are very passionate about gaming and the game we’ve created and developed to its 5th edition. And we hope you will be equally passionate about the game, once you have created your first character and overcome the first challenges of the game world.

The 5th edition offers a lot of options. With many elements to choose from, you can customize the ruleset for your personal gaming experience.  Go into great detail, where you appreciate it, or make things simpler to focus more on intense character play or faster skillchecks. It’s your choice!

-Eevie Demirtel