Designer Reflection – Daniel Richter

Daniel Simon Richter is an editor for Ulisses Spiele GmbH. He has been writing for Das Schwarze Auge since 1994, and he has been responsible for several major narrative arcs. He also coordinates various side projects like the official game newsletter and interactions with the LARP community.


The Dark Eye has a long and successful history within Germany, and after over 30 years, we are proud to bring the richness of the background of Aventuria to the United States.

A world that has lots and lots of influences and in which everybody can find a place to be and a character to play. Knights in shining armour, well aimed elves, enduring dwarves or scholarly wizards.

With up-to-date rules that prepare the game for the next decade, a lot of lovely developed history and conflicts, a rich background and a legion of fans and followers, The Dark Eye is a roleplaying game you should give a try.

And maybe you’ll be the next Archmage or the Empress’s champion? Who knows? Will your character become a part of the world, will he be able to change fate? Will his or her name be a future part of the written history?

And not only your group’s history but the history of all players, of the world? Because The Dark Eye has a living history that may be influenced by you, the players!

Come and see the world of Aventuria … feel invited and meet a lot of friends. Take a D20 with the eye as a 20 and roll it out, feel engulfed by the settings and interact or oppose the NPCs that govern an entire new (but grown) world.

-Daniel Richter