Cyberpapacy Preview #8 – Threats

Cyberpapacy Preview #8 – Threats

Happy Halloween! Today we’re going to take a look at some spoooooooooooky threats, highlighted by the Cyberpapcy gospog!

Cyberpapacy Gospog

Initially, Cyberpope Malraux refused the Gaunt Man’s gift of gospog seeds, believing them to be gifts from the Devil. At Ebenuscrux’s suggestion however, he relented, rationalizing that he could use these unholy creatures to solidify his hold on the populace, and demonstrate the truth of his teachings—through fear. Additionally, gospog are excellent fodder for dealing with the Resistance who use the tunnels of the Underground, or the catacombs of Paris to hide and escape the Church’s clutches.

Malraux doesn’t use gospog as troops or laborers. The masses supply plenty of both. Instead he directed the Cabal to use them as part of their false flag operations. Gospog are created, and then used against the innocent population to stoke fear into them and then Church Police save them. The result is a thankful and grateful citizenry.

Higher planting gospog in the Cyberpapacy have forms based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence (2nd), War (3rd), Famine (4th), and Death (5th).


Several creatures are detailed as well, including Hellhounds, Cygoyles, and Booster Dogs:


Finally, several agents of the Church have entries, including Inquisitors, Babel Monitors, and jackpriests:

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Art: Bien Flores and Unique Spoarie