Cyberpapacy Preview #3 – Magic

Cyberpapacy Preview #3 – Magic

Today we’re going to take a look at new options for Storm Knight spellcasters and the history of the centuries long war between the Church and witches.

The Pagan Wars

The Church’s battle against the Pagans began centuries ago after the Church was victorious in the Crusades. However, while the Pagans were essentially wiped out in northern Europe, they held out on the British Isles due to their mastery of magic.

The two sides were at a stalemate, ebbing and flowing with the advancement of technology (for the Church) and spellcraft (for the Pagans). Spiritually they were equals until the Day of Silence and Malraux becoming the High Lord of the cosm.

The Pagans had to evolve, or die. Those who were skilled at witchcraft developed three traditions, the lone wolf cyberwitches who use the Church’s technology against them as well as ally with technological spirits, the white witches who strengthened their alliance with the spirits of nature and the land, and the Children of the Fallen (aka the Foresworn, or warlocks) who believe the ends justify the means and cavort with demons, even intentionally summoning them.


Cyberwitches gain access to a new Perk: Lone Wolf, which enhances their skill tests in Dramatic Skill Resolutions if they attempt a Step alone, but at the cost of reducing the effectiveness of any allies should they choose to assist her.

Here’s a look at one of their new spells:

White Witches

White magic focuses on defense, enhancement and protection, rarely for direct attack, at least against living beings (they make exceptions for technological constructs). This arcane tradition’s sole offensive spell relies on a living being to attack first, and then have their harm reflected back upon them. White witches ally with spirits which have a number of origins: the elements, nature, the human psyche, and more.

White witches also do well when coordinating with others to cast spells, even those who aren’t skilled in a magic skill at all–the entire Storm Knight group can be their coven.

Here’s a look at their spell list:

The Children of the Fallen

The Foresworn are Threats in the Cyberpapacy…the Delphi Council has a policy not to cavort with demon summoners. Here’s a look at the Foresworn, one of the Threats included in the sourcebook.

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Art: Bien Flores and Unique Soparie