Cyberpapacy Preview #2 – Cyberware

Cyberpapacy Preview #2 – Cyberware

Surprise! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition to do another preview this fast! Today we take a look at the epitome of the Cyberpapacy’s technology: cyberware!

Please remember that editing and playtesting may result in changes to any previews.

Hacked Cyberware

Due to the Law of Sanction, natives of the Cyberpapacy may install as much cyberware as desired and not have any negative impacts.  At least, not to their body. They must accept that the Church may monitor their surroundings: see through their cybereyes, hear through their cyberears, and even have their cyberware taken over through the GodNet.

Although sanctioned cyberware is essentially available “without cost” from the Church, but the Delphi Council strictly forbids its agents to install such cyberware (or remove it ASAP should it be installed against their will). Those who wish to use cyberware and fight the Church must get it hacked by skilled cyberleggers.  The purchase of such hacked cyberware is through Perks. We clarify in the text that a player doesn’t have to spend their entire allotment immediately and can use the remainder to acquire expensive cyberware with the next Perk.

Although Storm Knights from the Cyberpapacy have been able to spend Perks on Cyberware, now non-natives can too:

Cyberware Choices

Pretty much all of the cyberware that was listed in the Original Torg Cyberpapacy Sourcebook is detailed in the new version, but we have some additions as well, including cyberarm upgrades (such as a power fist), drone controllers, and hardlight drones (which act in a similar fashion as animal companions in other realms:

Cyberware Packages

Another new addition to Torg Eternity is the concept of cyberware packages. These packages can be purchased outright, or piecemeal, and one a package has been acquired, grants the abilities (or an approximation of those abilities) that the individual installs provide, plus a bonus (or at a discount). 

Cyberware packages also make the GM’s job easier by not requiring looking up every little bonus or detail from each install, and it simplifies the creation of nonplayer characters and other Threats too. Packages currently include: SnapShot, Combat, Cyborg, Infiltration, Sensory, and Drone Jockey. Here’s an example of the Cyborg Package:

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Art: Talon Dunning