Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Launches November 11

Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Launches November 11

We are happy to announce that the Cyberpapacy crowdfunding campaign will launch on Monday, November 11 on Game On Tabletop!

Why Game On?

The reason we are using Game On Tabletop for crowdfunding the next wave of Torg Eternity supplements is that we need to use a different platform than Kickstarter for fulfillment and due to past issues with porting data from Kickstarter to Game On we figured that we’d save time and solve that issue by going straight to that platform instead.

More Details to Come Soon

We’ll be giving you some more details on exactly what time we will launch and what special tiers we’ll have (but you can pretty much count on them being similar to past campaigns).

If you have any questions, head on over to our forums!