CROM – Planning a Kickstarter

For the last few months, you’ve read rules previews, seen sample Fate cards, and maybe even watched us play a game. We also hope that you’ve had a chance to try out CROM for yourself using our Beta Rules.

We’re very close to the point where we can announce the Kickstarter launch date. And when we do make that announcement, it will be time for us to start our countdown. So be ready!

While you’re waiting for the announcement, let’s talk a little about what you can expect in the Kickstarter itself.

Pledge Levels

First of all, we want to keep our pledge levels simple and straightforward. Conan: Rise of Monsters will be released as a single box that will contain everything you need to play: 30 miniatures (including armies for both the Circle of Iron and the Legion of Set), two sets of dice, both Fate decks, and more! So the most basic pledge level will include everything in that box, plus any stretch goals that enhance the starter set. And don’t worry – there will be plenty of those!

The second pledge level will include all the add-ons. This pledge level will keep getting better as the campaign goes on, so it will be worth it to check back in periodically to see what else has been added. For one price, you’ll get one copy of every add-on we unlock, including both units and terrain.

There will be a retail level as well – a $1 level to put your information on our pre-order list. We know stores often want to participate but have their own constraints. This level is designed to make it easier for retailers to get access to all the add-ons and stretch goals without having to commit months in advance.

But otherwise that’s it! Our pledge levels will offer you a simple choice between just the base set or one of everything, and that’s all you need to worry about.

Stretch Goals and Add-ons

At the beginning, we will have just a couple Reaper terrain pieces available as add-ons. You can certainly add those to your pledge right away if you want. However, we have many more exciting stretch goals planned for you!

Some of the stretch goals will enhance the CROM starter set. Some will add veteran unit cards that will expand your recruitment options, and some will add brand new units directly to the starter box.

Other stretch goals unlock new add-ons that can be purchased individually if you would prefer not to get everything together. These will include additional units for the Circle of Iron, the Legion of Set, and even Mercenary units, which can be used by either army. They will also include more terrain pieces by Reaper Miniatures.

We’re very excited to show you everything we have planned, but we’ll have to wait just a little longer. Keep an eye out next week for more information!