CROM Mechanics Teaser #12 – Fate Cards Part 6

We’re wrapping up our Fate Card previews today with a double dose – four more cards! Our next set of previews will get into specific units so that you can start thinking about how you’ll build your force as we get ready to release the Quick-Start Rules. For now, let’s get into this last round of cards…

Fire and Move (Legion of Set)


The Legion of Set has a variety of potent ranged units, from the Stygian Skirmishers, to the Priests of Set, to Thoth-Amon himself. Fire and Move adds great mobility to such units, and keeps them out of the clutches of Conan’s powerful melee units.

It’s played after a ranged attack that rolls a Sigil and allows the unit to make an extra, immediate run move. The Priests and Thoth-Amon have a Hex ability that allows them to re-roll Sigils, which seems like it would make this card less useful…but triggering special abilities is optional, so if the unit really needs the Sigil they may simply keep one!

This also allows ranged units to move just into range, unleash a volley, and then retreat back out of range of retaliation…just so long as that Sigil appears. Using extra Destiny dice on the attack increases those odds.

Sprint (Circle of Iron)


This deceptively potent card adds 2″ to a unit’s move, charge, or run. Since pre-measuring isn’t allowed, this card can mean the difference between a charge actually reaching a foe or falling short. Since it can be played at any time, it makes a great reserve card for when you judge the distance incorrectly.

The Legion of Set also has multiple cards that slow units, which can cause charges to fail. A well timed Sprint might put the unit back into position for attack.

Stand and Deliver (Circle of Iron)


A devastating charge blocker that works especially well with Bossonian Archers, Conan the Barbarian, or Valeria. When the enemy charges a unit, play the card to make an immediate ranged attack. If any Wounds are dealt the foe stops short, making them vulnerable to another volley on the unit’s next activation or to a counter charge!

This card brings out the Destiny dice on both sides – the defenders trying to deal that Wound, the chargers hoping to defend themselves and push through into contact. Since it’s triggered by a charge, an enemy can avoid it by simply moving into combat, but they lose 2 free dice if they do…and there’s no assurance Stand and Deliver is even in the Circle of Iron’s hand.

Set’s Kiss (Legion of Set)


Possibly the Legion of Set’s signature Fate Card, and one of its best. It is played at any time to cancel another Fate Card’s effect. What makes it especially vicious is the foe is usually counting on a powerful Fate Card to save a unit from a charge or to insure a powerful attack.

Set’s Kiss takes away that advantage just when it’s most needed. This card is best held to deploy against Stand and Deliver or Reinforcements, depending on the flow of battle.


At this point you’ve seen nearly a third of the Fate Cards in the game, so you should begin to have a sense of how they can interact with play. See you next week with our first full unit preview!