CROM Lore – Fall of Mitra

It’s perfectly possible (and fun!) to simply build a war band and start a battle, but Conan: Rise of Monsters does have a story which creates context for these battles.

The game itself is set late in Conan’s reign as king of Aquilonia. The evil sorcerer Thoth-Amon seeks to tear down the other gods so that Set’s coils may encircle all the world. He has discovered dread rituals hidden in the scattered pages of the Book of Skellos that can fracture the boundaries of reality. Conan and his allies move to stop the mad wizard from enacting this dark magic.

The resulting interrupted ritual creates chaos across Hyboria. Great beasts and monsters appear throughout the land. Dopplegangers and shadows from the past walk Hyboria again. If the ritual had worked correctly Thoth-Amon would have controlled these shades and creatures, but as it is they have free will.

This setup not only allows for both sides to have the huge monsters referenced in the game’s title, but also allows the game to be set in a specific time while still allowing characters who should be long since dead. It also allows for duplicates of characters, as Conan the King might be forced to fight alongside a younger version of himself: Conan the Barbarian!

The campaign follows the clash between the two armies that coalesce out of the pandemonium. Thoth-Amon is at the head of the Legion of Set, composed of Stygian zealots, monsters, and mercenaries who have pledged themselves to the serpent god. Against them, Conan leads the Circle of Iron, warriors drawn from Aquilonian lands like Bossonia, Gunderland, Poitania, and others in the free world who wish to stand against Set.

The setting for Conan: Rise of Monsters provides the perfect backdrop for an epic clash between these two iconic leaders, and it will be up to you to play it out at the table!