Compendium Preview #7 – Hit Zones

The Compendium Kickstarter launched last Friday and is already doing very well! We’re over 400% and unlocking stretch goals quickly! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!

In today’s preview, we’re going to dig into an exciting optional combat rule set available in the Aventuria Compendium – Hit Zones!

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter on Advanced Combat Rules:

Humanoids generally possess the following hit zones: head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. Lizardfolk, such as the achaz, also have a tail hit zone. Some creatures have other hit zones, because, for example, they possess wings or have more than two arms.

Size category comes into play as well. For example, when facing a medium-sized enemy, a small attacker must roll on the table for large humanoids. Similarly, when facing a medium-sized enemy, a large attacker must roll on the table for small humanoids.

and here’s a look at one of the pages of diagrams demonstrating the specific hit zones, in this case for monsters:

But if you want an even more convenient way to manage Hit Zones, you should definitely pick up the Hit Zone Dice Set! We talked about this product in the Kickstarter overview, but now you can see how you might use these dice. Each one corresponds to a diagram in the Hit Zone Rules (which are repeated in a convenient booklet in the Hit Zone Dice Set itself).

The Hit Zone Dice Set is included in both the Leatherette and Leather Complete Set reward levels, but you can also add it on to your Basic Set.

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