Compendium Preview #6 – Kickstarter Overview

First, the important information:

The Aventuria Compendium Kickstarter will launch Friday, November 17th, at 9:00am Eastern (14:00 UTC, 3:00pm Germany).

This is a shorter campaign, ending on Friday, December 8th.

Now, for those who like to plan ahead, we have some information for you.

Featured Products

This Kickstarter is centered around two main books, the Aventuria Compendium and the Aventuria Armory. In addition, the Hit Zone Dice Set will be available as an add-on or as part of the higher reward levels. We have a few other companion products planned for unlocking through stretch goals.

The Compendium will be available in our normal options of hardcover, deluxe red leatherette, and limited black leather.

The Armory is just available in hardcover.

The Hit Zone Dice Set comes with ten specially-crafted 20-sided dice for all the different types of creatures you might find on your travels! If you were at Gen Con, you may have already seen these being previewed. We only had a few from an initial test print run, and those sold quickly!

Reward Levels

Because we want to make the Kickstarter as smooth as possible, we are not separating the books in the reward levels. If you want just one or the other, your best bet will be to wait for the retail release. (Note – If you only want one of them in print, but still want both of them digitally, that’s something we can do! Just pledge for the Digital Set level and plan on picking up the book you want as an add-on later.)

$40 – Compendium Digital Set: You get the Compendium and Armory as PDFs, plus all digital stretch goals

$90 – Compendium Basic Set: You get the Compendium and Armory in print and PDF, plus all digital and physical stretch goals

$150 – Compendium Deluxe Leatherette Complete Set: You get the Deluxe red leatherette Compendium along with the Armory in print and PDF, the Hit Zone Dice Set, and all digital and physical stretch goals

$175 – Compendium Limited Leather Complete Set: You get the black leather Compendium along with the Armory in print and pdf, the Hit Zone Dice Set, and all digital and physical stretch goals.

Shipping and Fulfillment

As always, Kickstarter will add your shipping costs when you select your pledge level. Add-ons will be handled through the Game On pledge management store following the campaign. We still have our shipping partners in Australia and Hong Kong, which helps us to bring some shipping prices down.

Digital fulfillment for the products will be spread out slightly. The Compendium is already finished and laid out, but the Armory is still in editing. Backers will get the Compendium right away, but the Armory and other companion products that we unlock through stretch goals will arrive over the following couple of months. Depending on how much we unlock, we expect to have the last of the digital stretch goals in your hands no later than March 2018 (but probably earlier than that).

That brings us to the other aspect of our fulfillment targets – a policy change in how we communicate information up front.

With our last two Kickstarters, we set what we thought were reasonable fulfillment targets, but because of delays in printing and even in getting the initial backer survey information, we were not able to meet those targets. On top of this, we have previously set our Kickstarter fulfillment goals based on the “ship out” timelines, but we have decided that we want to set our goals based on the “in hand” timeline – that is, when all of our customers should have the actual products. For both of those reasons, we are setting our fulfillment target for physical rewards at May 2018. This is the latest that you can expect to have it in your hand, no matter where you are in the world. We hope to have it to you earlier, but setting May as our goal allows us to keep to our promise to you even if all of those other delays happen.

We’ll have more information when we launch the Kickstarter on Friday, and throughout the Kickstarter campaign. See you there!