Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

For Black Friday we have all of our game titles on offer for you. Have a look and come back Monday for more!

Drop into our DriveThruRPG store and get any of our PDF’s on sale through Monday!

Coming Monday!

Come back Monday for a special Cybermonday Torg Eternity product that many have been waiting for. Each year at GenCon we’ve run special Torg Eternity adventures. One of the more recent adventures is called Dancing on Needle Tip by Darrell Hayhurst and we’ll release it as a Pay What You Want on Monday!

This adventure was the special Backer Only game run during GenCon 2019. These games usually set the “canon” for events in Year Two when we aren’t sure which direction to pick ourselves. At the end you can see what our
backers chose—which is reflected in the Year Two developments within the Cyberpapacy. Individual groups may make a different choice in their
personal slices of the Infiniverse!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything we put out, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!