Aysle Preview #9 – Magic Items (Part 1)

Aysle Preview #9 – Magic Items (Part 1)

Deanna’s Note: Please remember that the Aysle Sourcebook is in development and playtesting, and some details described below may still change.

Magic items are everywhere in Aysle and they’re nearly as ubiquitous as electronic items are in Core Earth. There are brooms that sweep themselves, speaking stones that allow people to communicate over large distances, and even rocks that allow people to forecast the weather.

Before it happens.

Enchanted Items

Magic items are divided into three categories of increasing power.  Enchanted items have a Magic Axiom of 13. These are the basic enhanced items most Storm Knights carry:  magic weapons, armor, shields, and the like. In addition to specific named items, many items can carry enhancements like Armor +1, shields that provide a +1 bonus to dodge and melee defenses, and weapons that gain a +1 bonus to damage.

Arcane Items

More powerful magic items known as Arcane items have a Magic Axiom of 23.  These items feature either more powerful enhancements or effects (such as Armor +2), two enhancements (such as a Dancing Sword +1), or effects that replicate spells of higher Magic Axiom. Enchanted items that gain another enhancement through Aysle’s Law of Enchantment become Arcane items. Arcane items are quite useful and rare, which makes them significantly harder (and more expensive) to acquire.

Being Magic Axiom 23, Arcane items have gained a limited amount of sentience, and only provide their benefits to those who attune to them. Unlike Enchanted items, most people can attune to a single Arcane item at a time, though they may attune to a different item, ending the bond with the first. However, if a character does so, the Arcane item will be jealous and refuse to re-attune if its previous owner decides to change his mind. It will begrudgingly accept attuning to a companion though.

That said, a Storm Knight who wishes to wield multiple Arcane items can select a Perk that allows her to do so, assuming they have a high enough Charisma.


Artifacts are unique and very powerful magic items, and are roughly the magic equivalent of Sacred items. They have a Magic Axiom of 24 and are fully sentient. They bond even stronger with their owners, and a person may only bond with a single Artifact at a time, but if the bond is broken, it will not bond with another until its previous owner dies…and it mourns for a year and a day. For this reason, the Delphi Council will not request a Storm Knight hand over an Artifact.

Artifacts have the most and strongest enhancements, like Damage +3, or Sharp, which grants a bladed weapon Armor Piercing 4, or a Dancing Spell Deflector Shield +1.

The Gear chapter of the Aysle Sourcebook is chock full of stuff, so we’ll continue looking at magic items (and more) next week.

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Art: Talon Dunning