Aysle Preview #6 – Threats

Aysle Preview #6 – Threats


The Aysle Sourcebook provides a bunch of new Threats to inflict on Storm Knights, and here are several examples.  Please remember that the book is still under development and editing, so some changes still may be made.

We’re going to hold the gospog back for a later preview, but there are several creatures, including frost giants, cherybs (water elementals that consist of two creatures, one of the Light and one of Darkness), and powries (vicious fae that wield sharp knives and giggle maniacally when they draw blood).

Here’s a couple of detailed stat blocks for clankers and great dragons:


There are also several varieties of human (or human-ish) foes, including knights, lyches, vikings and wizards. 

Here’s the Lyche:

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