Aysle Preview #5 – Miracles

Aysle Preview #5 – Miracles

Today we examine the faiths and miracles of Aysle.  There are many deities in Aysle, divided into five main pantheons.  Each pantheon has a representative god or goddess associated with it, though there are many others.  The pantheons include:

  • Exemplars of Light (Dunad)
  • Exemplars of Darkness (Corba’al)
  • Outsiders (Rak)
  • Racial dieties (Elmiir, the elvish god)
  • Theomagicians (Shali)

Each pantheon has an associated miracle list, though the GM is encouraged to modify the lists for other dieties of the same pantheon.  Here’s an example:

The Deities

The five representative dieties are detailed, including a summary of who they are as well as the tenets and methods of worship their followers have. Here’s Shali:


Finally, the Miracles chapter includes…miracles! Here is one that is on the Outsiders miracle list:

Many of these miracles include upgraded versions of less powerful ones, including doom, an upgrade of the curse miracle.

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Cleric art by Bien Flores and Unique Soparie