Aysle Preview #11 – Magic Items (Part 2)

Aysle Preview #11 – Magic Items (Part 2)

Even though the Aysle Kickstarter is going strong doesn’t mean that we can’t do more previews! 

Previously we told you about general properties of magic items and what they’re all about. Today we’re going to look at some examples of new magic items.

Even at this point, we are still doing playtesting and editing, so these items may still change before the final version is done.


Consumables don’t count against any limits to wearing or carrying magic or arcane items. Most consumables are considered Enchanted items, but more powerful items, especially if  they’re based on higher axiom spells are considered Arcane items.

First up we have an example of a potion:

Nearly all scrolls are based on magic spells:

Magic Armor

Finally for today, here’s an example of magic “armor”. Enchanted cloth provides a +1 Armor bonus that covers the torso and limbs, but does not have a Max Dex.

We have a ton of magic items in the Aysle Sourcebook, so there’s more to preview later!

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Art: Talon Dunning