Aysle Preview #10 – When Cosms Collide

Aysle Preview #10 – When Cosms Collide

The Aysle Kickstarter launches July 2, at 10am Eastern Daylight Time.

One of the core products of the Aysle Kickstarter is When Cosms Collide:

When Cosms Collide! Original Torg co-creator Greg Gorden returns with a new mega-adventure! The Cyberpapacy, technodemons, Mobius’ shocktroopers, and others all seem to have business in the realm of Aysle—and the Storm Knights caught in the middle. Join the action and uncover the mystery of what has so many High Lords moving through Uthorion’s kingdom, and what he intends to do about it!

So what does that all mean?

Tharkold mercenaries training Uthorion scouts in modern firearms for their forays against Core Earth, enchanted wolves hunting down Cyberpapal Techqisitioners, Nile archeological teams striking “enemies of our enemies” deals with heroes, what’s left of Core Earth Copenhagen offering citizenship to trolls… to the dismay of the Elven settlers, and a self-appointed Russian Baroness setting up an independent polity in the middle of the mess.

That Baroness is Nochnaya Svech, a Russian Core Earther who transcended…but she is not a Stormer, nor is she a Storm Knight but something…else. The Tharkoldu call her a ‘soul isotope’.

Instead of her fundamental abilities being able to Soak Damage and Boost Action, Baroness Svecha has the abilities of Cosm Chameleon (spend a Possibility to make a reality test to transform people, objects, or places to another reality for a scene) and Disconnection (spend a Possibility and make a reality test to disconnect a target from their reality).


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Art: Bien Flores and Unique Sopaire