Aysle Kickstarter Limited Pledge Levels

Aysle Kickstarter Limited Pledge Levels

The Aysle Kickstarter launches July 2, at 10am Eastern Daylight Time.

Previously we discussed the basic pledge levels, as well as some of the changes to the Aysle Kickstarter from earlier ones.

Today we detail the Limited tiers for this campaign.

These tiers often go VERY FAST! So if you want one of these, make sure you’re there at the launch time of 10am Eastern Daylight Time. Also, remember that the Kickstarter itself will be in Euros, but we will display approximate values in US Dollars as well.

  • Champion (Limit 10 at ~$500): This tier gets you the Aysle Treasure Coffer plus we’ll work with you to create an official Core Earth or Aysle Archetype! This includes custom Perks, spells, miracles, or magic items, art for your character, and your character becomes the “iconic” version of that Archetype. Archetypes from this level become a digital extra for all backers.
  • Royalty (Limit 6 at ~$1000): You get the Aysle Treasure Coffer plus a seat at the GenCon game for Friday, August 2. That’s THIS GenCon (we’re doing two Backer games this year)…so yes, it’s literally right after the Kickstarter ends.
  • Unexpected Treasure (Limit 20 at ~$840): If you’re just getting into Torg Eternity, and want to catch up, this is the tier to go for. It includes ALL FOUR “Cargo Boxes” (The corebook Cargo Box that started it all, Living Land Survival Box, Nile Empire Sarcophagus, and the Aysle Treasure Coffer).

If you have any questions, head on over to our forums!

Art: Maurizio Giorgio