Aventuria Introducing the Treasure Hunter + Demo

Aventuria Introducing the Treasure Hunter + Demo

In the upcoming Aventuria – Extraordinary Heroes crowdfunding (launching next week on Game On), we are including four Hero Sets. Each one is devoted to a single hero and provides all the cards you’ll need to start playing that hero right away. Each box also includes a themed solo adventure built specifically for that hero.

The first hero we’d like to take a look at is the Treasure Hunter: Meridiana Bornski, Festumian Explorer!

Many of these new heroes introduce new play styles and even new individualized mechanics, whether you are playing their solo adventures or just playing them in the regular game. Meridiana’s unique mechanic revolves around his specialized Discovery Pile – a set of five Reward Cards that are his alone to discover during play!

The way this works is…you know what? Why don’t you try it out for yourself?

How to Add the Treasure Hunter to Tabletop Simulator

If you have Tabletop Simulator (available on Steam), you may have noticed that there is a mod for the Aventuria Base Set. You can grab that here if you don’t have it already:


We thought it would be fun to let you test-drive one of the new heroes yourselves, so we built the Treasure Hunter deck into Tabletop Simulator.

Step 1 – Download this Zip file:

Treasure Hunter Demo for TTS

Click here to Download: Meridiana-Bornski-1.zip

Step 2 – Extract the files

Extract the files inside into your Tabletop Simulator Saved Objects folder.(The default is /Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Saves/Saved Objects)

Step 3 – Start a game in Tabletop Simulator

Loading a new Aventuria game if you have the mod. In the Objects Menu, open the Saved Objects folder.

Step 4 – Spawn the Cards

Click on Meridiana Bornski, and then click anywhere on the table to spawn all the included objects.

You will now see the five pieces included in the demo. (There are more cards in the full set.) The section to the left contains the Festumian Explorer Hero Card, Skill Card, Rule Card, and Discovery Pile. Meridiana’s Action Deck is to the right. Make sure you shuffle both piles of cards before play.

Give him a try and see if you like him! Meridiana is just one of many Extraordinary Heroes we are featuring in our upcoming crowdfunding!

~Eric for Ulisses International