Aventuria Card Preview – Time Scale Cards

Aventuria Card Preview – Time Scale Cards

If you read our first card preview, the Bandit Thief, you may have noticed some cryptic text towards the bottom and wondered, “What is this hourglass thing doing here?”

That hourglass is a Time Counter, and it’s part of the mechanic that makes Adventure Mode combat challenging but also flexible. To explain more, we’re going to talk about the Time Scale cards.


Here’s an example from the first chapter of the Wildenstein campaign. Note the “Easy” listing at the top. There are four Time Scale cards for each chapter of an adventure, and they come in Easy, Normal, Difficult, and Legendary. Once you understand the way they work, you’ll see how they are used to increase the challenge.

The Time Scale card will start with an indication of how many Time Counters it begins with – in this case, eight. At the end of each round, immediately after the Villain Turn, a Time Counter is removed and you check the Time Scale card to see if anything happens. So, for instance, on this card we will draw an Event Card (usually bad for the heroes) after the second round of combat when six counters remain. Then, on the next round, we’ll draw a new Henchman card. Two more Events will happen in the next few rounds, and then every round after we reach zero, the Heir (who is a randomly chosen hero) must successfully Dodge or lose Life Points!

Many adventures will strongly encourage you to win or at least succeed at your primary task before you reach zero Time Counters. Some of them make bad things happen once you get there, and some of them will even cause you to lose quickly.

Now let’s take a look at the remaining Time Scale cards for this adventure:

wildensteindifficultycards_page_2 wildensteindifficultycards_page_3 wildensteindifficultycards_page_4

As you can see, each one is slightly more difficult than the previous one, but by the time you get to Legendary, you’re playing a whole new game! Succeeding an adventure chapter at Legendary is extremely challenging, and is not recommended for players (and heroes) that are just starting out. Take some time to get used to the game and your deck. Maybe go through some easier adventures to gain Reward Cards and improve your skills. And only then will you be ready!

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