We hope that many new players are becoming curious about The Dark Eye, but we also understand that the phrase "30 years of history" can seem a bit intimidating to newcomers. As with most settings, you certainly don't have to learn everything about Aventuria right away - you can simply explore the pieces of it that interest you and gradually expand your awareness - but you might want to see a quick overview before you take your first steps.

A Beginner’s Look at The Dark Eye There have been a lot of high-profile fantasy RPGs to hit the gaming community in the last few years - some light, some grim, some familiar, some not - so onlookers can be forgiven for wondering why they should consider yet another option just because it happens to be a very popular game in Germany. I’ll admit, I wondered that too. As a new arrival myself, I thought I would take a moment to walk you through a beginner’s introduction to The Dark Eye.