Armory Preview #2 – Weapons

Although the Aventuria Armory is still in layout, we do have art and text to share, and we wanted to get in at least one more good preview before the end of the Compendium Kickstarter.

Of course, a large portion of the Armory is devoted to weaponry, so let’s take a look at a couple samples.


“So, you really intend to challenge the Sultana’s bodyguards? By Rondra, I just pray that they don’t have the opportunity to draw their sabers. I saw a guard behead a would-be thief with one cut. When Praios’ Disc rose above the desert, the red glow in the sky mirrored the blood-soaked sand before the steps of the palace.”

-Salim al’Dhalsim, far trader from Thalusa, 1037 FB

The double-Khunchomer is one of the most impressive blades in all Aventuria, at least when it is wielded by hands that are worthy of it. And only the strongest and most skilled warriors are worthy. This sword is long, heavy, and razor sharp, and requires two hands and much practice to wield safely. Its only disadvantage is that it is not a subtle weapon.

Double-Khunchomer Complexity: simple
Name Combat Technique DP P+T AT/PA Mod RE Weight Length Cost
Double-Khunchomer (2H) Two-Handed Swords 2D6+3 STR 14 0/-2 medium 4 pounds 52 inches 320 S

Weapon Advantage: Upon rolling a critical success, the confirmation roll receives a +2 bonus.

Weapon Disadvantage: The double-Khunchomer cannot be used for Feints.

Hunting Spear

“While the spear is primarily used against enemies on the battlefield, the hunting spear reveals its true value while hunting for wild boar.”

-Olgarta Firunjev, runaway Bornish serf, 1039 FB

Hunting is nearly ubiquitous across Aventuria, and most hunters prefer using spears, but not all cultures have developed specialized hunting spears. Most use the same type of spear for both hunting and war.

Spears crafted especially for the hunt have short lugs called wings protruding from the sockets at the base of their long blades. Shafts use sturdy wood, but even then, spears sometimes break while in use.

Most spears for hunting animals—whether wild boar or steppe cattle—are approximately 6.5′ long and primarily designed for thrusting. Hunters are sometimes severely injured when they misjudge the right time to release a weapon protruding from an animal’s side. Such accidents are especially common when hunting wild boar and steppe cattle, as injured animals usually turn against their attackers.

Hunting Spear Complexity: simple
Name Combat Technique DP P+T AT/PA Mod RE Weight Length Cost
Hunting Spear (2H) Polearms 1D6+5 AGI/STR 15 0/-1 long 4 pounds 78 inches 80 S

Weapon Advantage: A target attempting to escape the maneuver Nail Down receives a -1 penalty on the Feat of Strength check (see Aventuria Compendium, page 152).

The hunting spear inflicts +1 DP against animals of size categories medium and large.

Weapon Disadvantage: Roll 1D6 after successfully employing Nail Down against an animal. On a result of 5-6, the spear breaks unless the wielder makes a successful Feat of Strength check.

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