Almanac Non-Backer Survey

Two days ago, we wrapped up the Kickstarter for the Aventuria Almanac. We are very happy with the results – nearly 700 people backed for over 1200% of our funding target. That’s nearly half as many people as backed the Core Rules, which is fantastic for a setting supplement!

But because the number is nearly half, and because at least some of those people may have been backing our products for the first time, we know that there are many of our fans who chose not to participate in this Kickstarter. There are many reasons why people choose one Kickstarter or another (or no Kickstarters at all). Rather than speculate why you made your decision, we want to ask you directly.

With that in mind, we are opening up a follow-up survey about the Aventuria Almanac Kickstarter.


This survey is not intended for backers, although there is an option for backers to add comments if they wish. Instead, we want to hear from those of you who did not back this most recent Kickstarter. The more we know about your decision, the more we can do to improve our Kickstarters in the future.

This survey is open and completely anonymous. We request that you answer it once, but do feel free to share it with anyone who is a fan of our products but may not follow us on social media.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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