Adventures in Myth: Dawn of Heroes

Adventures are at the center of Myth: Dawn of Heroes. We want players to feel like their heroes are involved with important stories happening in the world of Myth, and our adventures reflect that. Here is a quick overview of what we have in store right now for the core box:

Avatar of Shadow

by Brian Shotton

This story from Classic Myth has been reimagined as a three-act adventure in Dawn of Heroes. The heroes follow in the wake of destruction wrought by the latest vessel of the Darkness. Even if they can catch her, is there enough humanity left in the vessel to save her from the Darkness?

Wolves in the Dark

by John-Matthew DeFoggi

In the first of many crossovers between Dawn of Heroes and Tales of Legend, RPG writer John-Matthew DeFoggi explores the links between the Unholy and the Lucanines, including the nefarious plans that Nosferatu holds for the newest allies of the Darkness. This is a three-act adventure.

Bones in the Cupboard

by Christian Lonsing

The heroes attempt to learn more about Bones, the great Unholy general, by investigating a cursed place that is rumored to be connected to his origins. Can they survive the onslaught of Unholy forces long enough to enact the cleansing ritual? This is an epic one-act adventure designed to challenge experienced heroes.

The Delve

by Eric Simon

This one-act adventure provides a simple, customizable structure that allows for more freeform explorations using any combination of Myth: Dawn of Heroes materials. This one-act adventure scales for a variety of difficulties, making it ideal for pick-up games or to gear up for greater challenges.


And you won’t have to wait for the next “big box” of Myth to experience even more adventures! We have plans for both digital and print adventure releases between major expansions, as well as updated monster cards that will allow Classic Myth players to incorporate their existing miniatures. We’ll have more details about those ideas as we get closer to launch.

And last but not least! Take a look at our new Myth: Dawn of Heroes page and logo!