The Dark Eye Kickstarter is live!


Heroic adventure awaits in the rich and immersive fantasy setting of Aventuria.

The Dark Eye Kickstarter is now live! The premier German roleplaying game—in continuous publication for more than 30 years—now in a brand new English edition!

This latest edition of The Dark Eye brings together decades of design refinements and player suggestions, all coordinated by a passionate and skilled team who have been playing for years.

“The main reason for the success of The Dark Eye is that it has something to offer for everyone. The world of The Dark Eye is incredibly vast and detailed, and is reminiscent of fairy tales and childhood dreams.”
                                                   —Ulisses Spiele President Markus Plötz

We’ve got pledge levels for curious beginners, dedicated collectors, and digital aficionados, as well as a fantastic retailer package. Plus, there’s a great selection of add-ons for those who like to build their own set of rewards.

Come discover The Dark Eye, a game born in a land of castles and legends!