Myth: Dawn of Heroes Demo

Myth: Dawn of Heroes Demo


We are excited to announce a public demo for the upcoming Myth: Dawn of Heroes!

We want everyone to get a chance to try out some of the updated rules, and since we couldn’t do that in person at Gen Con this year as we had originally planned, we decided to make the demo available digitally.

By doing that, we even expanded it quite a bit. What would have been a 15-minute highlight experience in our booth became a full act of the revamped Avatar of Shadow adventure for 1 or 2 players.

While we didn’t want to give away everything quite yet, we did include the full Hero Decks for the Soldier and Acolyte, the full item decks as they stand now, and two category keywords worth of Darkness Cards. (I’ll talk more about the new Darkness Deck in future posts.)

I especially want to thank playtester Nikolaus Regnat, who had originally converted our playtest materials into a Tabletop Simulator save file so that we could play remotely. Having that file enabled us to produce a Tabletop Simulator version of this demo in addition to a downloadable print-and-play version.

Here are the links to the demo on DriveThruCards and the Tabletop Simulator Workshop:

We hope you enjoy this demo, and we hope you are looking forward to Dawn of Heroes as much as we are!

Eric Simon, Lead Developer – Myth: Dawn of Heroes.